Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time spent

Another interesting thing: It doesn't take a lot of time to write (type in) a manuscript, compared to all the other jazz that goes into a published book. I think I spent around 10 minutes per page writing the book, and maybe another 10 minutes editing, formatting, etc. I'm all-in for less than 100 hours to write a 200 page book, and I'm sure I could do another similar one even faster.

The odd part is what is taking all the time.Talking to my readers and going over their feedback, working out various title/subtitle combinations, taking a few shots at cover design, deciding what I want to put in my bio, etc. That's not even considering the time required to go out and get "marketing quotes" from authorities, contacting relevant experts for input on specific sections, and figure out how and where to start marketing it.

I figure less than half the hours I end up putting into book #1 will be in the "initial concept, research, draft, line editing, and book layout" categories. The other half will be in stuff I never really thought about until after "the book was written". (har har)

Live and learn.

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