Monday, December 20, 2010

Like a dog returns...

I think everyone "just knows" when they've dropped the wrong thread in their lives. It kinda gnaws at you. At least, it was gnawing at me.

This past November I decided I'd give it another go. Strangely, over the next two days, the next nine chapters almost wrote themselves. Apparently my subconscious hadn't given up even when my conscious had. Then I called called Lynn. Ostensibly this was to brag about me being back on the case, but really I was just looking for someone to say "That's great!".

"That's really great!" said Lynn when I told her. She's a gem.

So we talked for a bit longer about some of the ideas I had for other chapters, and then about other things, fun and not so fun. Nanci, my Dad's wife, had passed on, and the family was planning the memorial, which was obviously hard on everyone. Nanci was a great person. I'd started missing her immediately, and always will. But this is not a blog about my family.

Talking about my book, just throwing ideas back and forth, had crystallized a few more thoughts, and by the time I went to bed that night, I was up to 23.

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