Monday, December 20, 2010

e-book only?

It was at about this time when a good idea wandered (by mistake no doubt) through my head.

I have gmail, and my friends are a pretty eclectic bunch, I wonder if anyone's ever talked about self-publishing? So I went to gmail and did the "search through the last N years of your mail for this keyword" thingie. It took 2 seconds to find half a dozen conversations on the subject. Only one was of immediate use: a friend named Marcus had been on the path to self-publishing an eBook, consisting mostly of photographs.

I dashed him off a note, asking about his experience. He had used a tool called Calibre to produce the work, and made it available via a variety of sellers. Sales had been very weak, but it had actually worked like people had said eBooks did: point, click, upload & get cash.

Thus I have just a little more information than I did before.

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