Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kirkus Indie reviews: Incredibly worth it

I just had to put in a plug for Kirkus Indie reviews. I got mine last week.

My work is nonfiction, and the reviewer actually went in and verified individual facts with the data I presented - even found one shortcoming! They even did a sort of competitive analysis with other similar sources of information, and gave me a general indication on the merchantability of my book. Value-for-dollar-wise, very few services I've ordered in any field of any type measure up to what I got from Kirkus.

No matter what, I wouldn't spend an hour or a dollar marketing any book (current or future) without buying their opinion again first.

Good on you, Kirkus.


  1. This must have been posted by Kirkus. The review I received was far from professional and hardly worth the money. It referred to my work as a spy novel though it has nothing to do with spying. It referred to the characters as working for the CIA various time though CIA is only mentioned once in an unrelated context.

    1. I think it's awesome that different people can post their different experiences online. Perhaps the Kirkus Review process is delivering uneven results from author to author, which might explain our experiences.