Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Waiting is death... I shall market!

I dropped off the last of the materials with my check-in coordinator at iUniverse, and then there's nothing to do but wait for a couple of weeks.

Waiting blows, particularly where money is involved, so I started chasing down some possible routes to get marketing quotes, materials, or exposure. This was a blue-sky idea fest, and I just called various organizations that I knew about.
  • California Governor's Office of Economic Development
    [Got a director and his contact info, called, he gave me his email, sent a query]
  • Harold and Pauline Price Center for Entrepeneurial Studies,
    UCLA Anderson School of Management
    [Called and they said they'd check and call me back by tomorrow]
  • Chico State (my Alma Mater)
       Alumni Association
         [Called. They have a newsletter in which I can promote my book when it's ready ]

       Business Department, Dean's Office
         [Called. Got Dean's office. They're between semesters right now, but she scheduled an email to the staff there for a day or two before classes restart. Should happen in about 3 weeks.]

       Communications Department, Dean's Office
         [Called, no answer. Leaving a message seemed pointless. I'll call back when classes restart.]

  • Google, where I worked a few years ago, has an "alumni" group, so I checked it out. Looking at the stuff there, it's more for finished work (announcements) than requests for comment.

  • Just occurred to me to check with my local Barnes & Noble (looks like they occasionally have local author book signings)
    [Called, this store doesn't do local-author sales, but I got the email for the community relations person, so I zapped out an email to find out if there's anything they do do]

  • The above experience reminded me to check for other brick & mortar bookstores, and shockingly, there are basically none in the immediate area. The Borders closed, there's a new-age place, and (oddly) a mysteries-only place, but that's it for the bricks-and-mortar crowd. Ouch. Growing up, I remember having half a dozen to choose from. What is the world coming to?!?

  • Next thought: local library. Maybe they have a "local author shelf" or book signings or something.
    [Called, got the number of the person to talk to, not there. Will call back]

  • The chamber of commerce might have something as well. They have a networking night coming up in a couple weeks. I'll check it out.

  • There's also a local writer's club meeting on the 11th, which I will attend. Not sure what to expect there... it may be "professionals only", or it may be a chat-club. Only one way to find out.
Hrm, what to do now? I knew marketing was going to be the hardest part of this...

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